Water Desalination

Aradippou Water Desalination Project

Aradippou’s Water Supply Department awarded Arbok  the pilot project for the Company’s new desalination solution


Built and implemented a water desalination plant based on its  proprietary, innovative water desalination technology. To supply water to municipality and large farming community, which has evolved  over the last few decades in Southern Cyprus


  • period of 9 months (May 2015 – February 2016)
  • produce 1,000m3 potable water per day
  • proof Arbok’s ability to consistently and sustainably  achieve quality and reliability performance targets


  • Water volume:  68,382m3
  • Extracted raw salt volume:  2,464m3
  • Energy consumption range:  0.65 – 0.97kWh/m3
  • Failure rate:  0% MBTF
  • Water quality exceeded baseline quality standards  without any post-treatment processing